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Pass My GCSE was established to help learners of all ages pass their GCSE maths, English and science qualifications. We are a leading provider of Ofqual regulated exams and online GCSE courses. We have dedicated support teams with years of experience working with learners to ensure they select the qualification that is most appropriate for the career path they are pursuing. As well as GCSEs, we also offer GCSE equivalent qualifications through our sister and partner services. This enables us to offer a more flexible service with exams being taken all year round and courses being started at the most suitable time for learners.

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Our online GCSE courses are unrivalled. They are built using advanced learning software, with our in-house teams dedicating their time to building the very best course content. We know from our data, that completion of our online courses increase pass rates significantly, helping many more people to obtain their GCSEs in maths, English and Science. We are passionate about helping people to realise their potential, so no matter how much you think you struggle with maths, or if English is a second language, with our support we know you can progress and succeed with their GCSE exams.

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All of the GCSE exams and equivalent qualifications we recommend are Ofqual regulated, meaning they are accepted by all universities and employers. Our exam fees include the entire end to end service from exam registration to invigilation and certification. Our exam team will be on hand every step of the way to ensure you have the information you need.