Functional Skills English Level 2

The functional skills English level 2 is an equivalent qualification to a full English GCSE grade 4 (or C). If you are considering retaking your English GCSE, functional skills English level 2 may be more suitable for you.

  • Equivalent to a GCSE grade 4 (or C)
  • Sit all year round - online from home
  • Accepted by employers, universities, and apprenticeship providers nationwide

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What are functional skills English level 2 qualifications?

The functional skills level 2 qualification in English is equivalent to a English GCSE grade 4 (or a C). This qualification helps learners develop essential literacy and writing skills. Most importantly, the level 2 English functional skills allows students to move onto higher education and better their employment opportunities. The functional skills exams tend to be more accessible to students, as the questions are similar to what they would do in every day life, and there is generally less content to cover than a full GCSE.

  • Equivalent to a GCSE grade 4 (or C)

  • More accessible for students

English Level 2 Exam

Functional Skills English Level 2 Information

When can I take a functional skills exams?

Functional skills exams can be taken at any time of the year, meaning that you are not restricted to sitting your exam in the summer or autumn. This offers the flexibility for students to sit their functional skills exam whenever they are ready to. You will receive your exam results within 10 working days from the day you sit your exam. This short turnaround time makes it more appealing to students. 

Can I sit my functional skills exam online?

Yes, you can sit your functional skills English exam online from the comfort of your own home, with online invigilation. Choose multiple times throughout the day, including evenings as well as weekends. 

Can I resit my functional skills exam?

Yes, you can resit your exam several times. The number of times you can resit can depend on how many exams the exam boards have in circulation, and often they change them. 

What exam boards can I sit with?

There are 2 major exam boards that Pass Functional Skills offer exams with: City & Guilds & Open Awards. Sitting with Open Awards online is usually an easier process, but both are Ofqual regulated and accepted nationwide.

Will my University or employer accept this qualification?

The functional skills English level 2 exams that are offered by Pass Functional Skills and MME Exams are Ofqual regulated. This means that they are accepted by most employers, apprenticeship providers and Universities as a GCSE English level 2 equivalent qualification, which is equivalent to a grade 4, or C.

What is included in level 2 English?

The functional skills English Level 2 curriculum is split up into 3 main sections: Reading, Writing and Speaking, Listening & Communication. An exam is taken for each of these sections.

Are there any functional skills English courses?

If you are looking for a full self-study course for functional skills English that will give you the greatest chances of passing your exam, then the Pass Functional Skills Level 2 course is the course that we recommend. This course includes tutorial videos, practice questions and exam style questions, as well as tracking your progress and storing your test results. This online course also includes an “initial assessment” to determine your initial level, and a “subject knowledge assessment” to recommend topics for you to work on. The recommended study time to complete the functional skills English course is around 50 hours.

  • Video tutorials, practice questions and exam-style questions

  • Initial assessment to determine your level

  • Subject knowledge assessment to determine topics for you to work on

  • Stores your results and tracks progress

  • Suitable for any exam board

English Level 2 Course

Are there any free functional skills English resources?

Pass Functional Skills offers plenty of free resources for students to use to revise, including revision topic pages and worksheets. Practice using Level 2 English past papers once you have consolidated your knowledge, to have the best preparation for your exam. 

English Level 2 Revision Materials English Level 2 Past Papers