Functional Skills Level 2

A Functional Skills Level 2 is an ofqual regulated qualification equivalent to a pass (4 or C) at GCSE. Everyone is required to achieve a Level 2 in their GCSE Maths and GCSE English to move onto higher education. If you are looking into resitting your GCSE maths or GCSE English, read about functional skills exams and you may find that they are more suitable for you. 

Functional Skills Maths Level 2

Functional Skills English Level 2

What is Functional Skills Level 2?

Functional Skills Level 2 through Pass Functional Skills is an Ofqual approved qualification, equal to a grade 4 or C at GCSE, which is a pass. All learners looking to access higher education courses require a level 2 in maths and English that is recognised and regulated by Ofqual. A Functional Skills Level 2 in maths or English meets these requirements. They are accepted my most universities, apprenticeship providers and employers.

The functional skills curriculums are generally shorter that full GCSEs, and more applicable to real life situations, making them more appealing to adult learners. Exams can be sat all year round online, at multiple times of the day, including evenings and weekends. This makes the functional skills level 2 qualifications accessible to all learners, regardless of work commitments or location.

Functional Skills Level 2 Exams

You can book your maths or English Functional Skills level 2 Ofqual regulated exams through Pass Functional Skills. The exams are conducted online, with online invigilation, and can be taken with 2 major exam boards: Open Awards or City & Guilds.

  • Take the exam from the comfort of your own home

  • Online examination - Open Awards or City & Guilds

  • Get into Uni, apprenticeships and more!

Maths Level 2 Exam English Level 2 Exam

Functional Skills Level 2 Online Courses

If you are looking for a fully self-guided online course that is suitable for all exam boards, then the Pass Functional Skills maths and English courses would be the courses that we recommend. Get the best chance of passing with these courses, which include tutorial videos, quick-fire practice questions, exam style question topic tests, and mock exams, which store your results and tracks your progress. The online courses include “initial assessment” diagnostic tests, which determine your initial level and then your level changes as you progress through the course, and “pre-assessments” that highlight topics for you to focus your revision on. The recommended time to complete these courses is 50 hours.

  • Video tutorials, practice questions and topic tests

  • Initial assessments determining your level - changes as you progress

  • Pre-assessments showing topics to focus revision on

  • Tracks progress and stores your results

Maths Level 2 Online Course English Level 2 Online Course

Level 2 Revision Materials

Pass Functional Skills offer lots of free revision materials for students studying for their functional skills level 2 qualification, from worksheets to revision pages. Test yourself using exam board past papers, to get prepared for your exam. Each past paper includes model solutions, showing you the best ways of answering each question.

Maths Level 2 Revision Materials Maths Level 2 Past Papers English Level 2 Revision Materials English Level 2 Past Papers

Functional Skills Exam Boards

Functional Skills Level 2 Information

What are functional skills level 2 equivalent to?

A Level 2 functional skills qualification is equivalent to a grade 4, or C, at GCSE, which is a pass at GCSE. Therefore, most employers and universities will accept this qualification.

Can I resit my functional skills level 2 exam?

Yes, you can resit your functional skills exam multiple times if you fail. The only limiting factor is the number of exams an exam board has in circulation at that time.

What exam boards can I sit with?

Open Awards and City & Guilds are the 2 major exam boards that Pass Functional Skills work with. Both are Ofqual regulated and universally accepted. This is the same for functional skills level 2 examinations sat with MME Exams.

Will this qualification be accepted?

Yes! The functional skills qualifications by Pass Functional Skills are Ofqual regulated, meaning that they are universally accepted by most employers, apprenticeship providers and employers.

When can I take functional skills level 2 exams?

Functional skills exams can be sat throughout the year, from the comfort of your own home, with online invigilation, offering flexibility for students. Therefore, you are not restricted to only having 2 opportunities to resit, like you are with GCSE exams. Exam results will be provided within 10 working days after your exam.

What is included in level 2 maths and English?

The maths Level 2 curriculum is split up into 3 topic areas: Using Numbers, Common Measures, Shape & Space and Handling Information & Data. There is little to no algebra in the functional skills maths level 2. You sit 1 exam split up into a non-calculator section and a calculator section.

The English Level 2 curriculum is split up into 3 sections: Reading, Writing and Speaking, Listening & Communication, with an exam taken for each.