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You can retake English and maths GCSE exams in November 2024 and any subject in May/June 2024. Anyone can retake a GCSE, and you can retake maths GCSE exams and English GCSE exams as many times as you like. Here is all the information you need about your retake GCSE exams.

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How do I retake my GCSE Exam?

1. Book your Resit

The first step is to book your Ofqual regulated resit GCSE exams with Pass My GCSE. Select the exam date, exam board you are sitting with, and your tier. For maths and English GCSE exams, you can select either May or November exams. If you are looking to book your GCSE science resit then these are sat in May/June. The fees we charge include everything from your exam booking, finding an exam centre local to you, to your certificate. 

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2. Prepare for your Resit

The Pass My GCSE online GCSE maths courses, GCSE English courses and GCSE science courses provide you with everything you need to revise and pass your GCSE resit, which includes video tutorials by expert tutors, practice questions, exam questions by topic and mock exams, with written and video solutions explaining the best ways to answer the questions. 

All of the Pass My GCSE online GCSE courses have been designed to follow the exam board specification of your choosing, and allow you to work at your own pace, tracking your progress along the way. For GCSE resit courses, there is no better place than Pass My GCSE. 

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3. Sit your Resit Exam

Sit your GCSE resit at an exam centre local to you. If you prepare for exam to the best of your ability, then you will be more likely to pass your exam resit than if you did little to no revision. Hopefully you will pass your resit on the first attempt, but if not, then you can resit as many times as you like, or take an equivalent qualification such as a functional skills level 2 exam or a GCSE equivalency exam.

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GCSE Resit Information

Do I need to retake a GCSE exam if I fail?

To move onto higher education, or for certain career paths, you will need to have acquired a grade 4 (previously a C) in your GCSE exams. Failing to do so may hold you back from bettering your opportunities in the future. 

You may even want to retake your GCSE exam to get a higher grade. Either way, see retaking your exam as an opportunity to better your skillset and future chances of success.

Which GCSE Exams can I retake?

You can usually retake any GCSE exam that you want. However, the most common exams to retake are GCSE Maths and GCSE English, as a grade 4 in both maths and English is expected of students by the government. Many people resit science GCSE exams too, as lots of jobs require you to have achieved a grade 4 in your GCSE Science.

Are GCSE retakes for 16 year olds only?

Anyone can retake a GCSE at any age, whether you are 16 years old, or are an adult returning to education. If you are returning to education, we recommend purchasing a course to get a full understanding of the material that may be included in the exam. Pass My GCSE offers high quality, online courses to help you revise for your GCSE retake for adults, or younger students. 

How many times can I resit a GCSE?

You can retake your GCSEs as many times as you need to until you pass, there is no limit. However, if you are struggling to pass your GCSE exams, then it may be worth taking another recognised qualification. If you want to resit maths and English GCSE exams, you can take these in November or May of each year. For your resit science GCSE exams and other subjects, there are only done in the summer. 

Can I resit a GCSE online?

If you are looking for resit GCSE online exams, then your best bet would be a functional skills level 2 or a GCSE equivalency qualification, which are both equivalent to a full GCSE qualification. Unfortunately traditional GCSEs cannot be sat online.

How do I prepare for a GCSE resit?

If you are preparing for a GCSE English resit, maths resit, science or biology resit, then the Pass My GCSE online courses will provide you with everything you need to prepare for your exams.

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Why Choose Pass My GCSE?


Friendly Support

We offer all the support you need when preparing for your GCSE resit exams. Our team will help to determine your best option, and arrange everything for you ahead of your retake GCSE exams.


Subject Coverage

As well as English and maths resits, we offer resit exams for science, history, business, and lots more subjects.


Accepted Everywhere

The GCSE resits that you will be put in for with Pass My GCSE will be accepted by all major providers, employers, and universities.


Lowest Cost Exam

We ensure that our service is the lowest cost online. We won’t be beaten on price for the service that we provide!


No Hidden Fees

Our pricing is straightforward. There are no hidden fees, and the fee that you pay covers all of the exam centre and exam board fees.


Unbeatable Service

If you are looking to retake GCSE exams, we will make sure that you won’t find a better service anywhere else.

When can I retake my GCSE Exam?

You can resit maths GCSE and resit English GCSE exams in autumn of each year, usually around November.

You can retake all other GCSE exams, including maths and English, in summer of each year, usually in May or June.

For summer 2024, here are the important dates you need to know for GCSE exams:

Important Dates
Deadline for entries Deadline for entries 4th April 2024
First Exam First Exam 9th May 2024
Last Exam Last Exam 21st June 2024
Results released to schools and colleges Results released to schools and colleges 21st August 2024
Results released to pupils Results released to pupils 22nd August 2024

Are there any alternatives to sitting a GCSE?

If you are looking at resitting maths and English GCSE exams, then it may be worth considering an equivalent GCSE qualification such as a functional skills level 2. The level 2 qualifications are accepted by all UK Universities and employers as a GCSE equivalent. The exams can be sat at any time during the year and the results are returned within a few weeks so they are much more convenient than the GCSE. In addition to this the level 2 qualification has much less content than the GCSE so in general people find it easier to pass. If you are looking for an adult GCSE and adult GCSE courses, then the functional skills level 2 is usually your best bet.

You could instead sit a GCSE equivalency exam for maths, English or science. These exams are shorter than GCSE exams, and tend to be in a hybrid format, incorporating multiple GCSE papers in one exam. For GCSE equivalency exams, you can achieve higher than a grade 4 too, so are perfect for students needing to achieve a grade 5 or above. These are approved by universities and professions globally, and are generally the best option for pursuing a career in teaching.

If you are an adult GCSE student looking to resit GCSE Maths online or your English GCSE online, the functional skills level 2 would be our recommendation. If you are looking to resit your science GCSE online, then a GCSE equivalency exam would be your best option.

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