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Our services are available to you if you need to schedule a GCSE resit in Leicester, or if you need an online course to help with revision for your English and maths GCSE. We will handle the exam scheduling for your maths GCSE resit and English GCSE resit. We can also register you in our in-depth online GCSE courses. You can rely on us to support you in your return to education.

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Introduction to GCSE resits in Leicester

Without achieving a grade 4 or C in English and maths GCSE, you may be hindered from attending university and pursuing higher education. GCSE resits for English and maths take place in the summer and autumn of each year, normally in May and November, and other subjects including science take place in the summer months. GCSE resits are intended for any person aged 16 or over, so for adults seeking to revisit education GCSE resits are perfectly appropriate.



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GCSE Exam Bookings

You may schedule and take your GCSE maths resit at any of the exam centres in Leicester and its surrounding areas with Pass My GCSE. See the whole list below. While we firmly advise taking a course prior to retaking GCSE maths, if you feel sufficiently prepared, you can simply book the exam. Securing a grade 4 or C in GCSE maths is essential whether you are applying for a university course or want to expand your employment options.

Passing your English GCSE resit will also be important for you to go further in higher education or get a job. Our team is available to assist you in scheduling your GCSE English resit exam. Science resits are also common for those aiming for STEM-related jobs, but most other sectors will not state this as a requirement.

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Online GCSE Courses

Through one of the many colleges in Leicester you can enrol in GCSE maths and GCSE English courses. On the other hand, you could try an online GCSE course so you can study for your GCSEs online from home, a café, or wherever else you like. This is far more practical, especially if you have other obligations, rather than being required to show up in person for a session at certain times each week.

At Pass My GCSE, we assist students in finding GCSE courses in and around Leicester or in enrolling them in an online GCSE course. The best way to ensure your future success in resitting your GCSE English, maths or science is to fully engage with and complete a course.

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