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We are proud to announce a tuition partnership with The Exam Tutor. Specialising in expert online GCSE tuition for your exam, The Exam Tutor provides a highly flexible, affordable and tailored approach and focuses 100% on exam results.

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The Exam Tutor is a dedicated online tuition service with one simple mission – your exam success. Understanding that each student’s journey to a successful results day is unique, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, our service provides a tailored approach to your individual needs. Wherever you are in your academic journey, our team of exam specialists are here to guide you. To take the first step on a journey that finishes in results day victory, get in touch now.

  • Expert GCSE Exam Tuition

  • Qualified, Experienced and DBS Checked Tutors

  • Money Back Promise With Your First Lesson

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Why The Exam Tutor?

We have chosen The Exam Tutor as our online gcse tuition partner for five key reasons.


Expert Online GCSE Tuition

The Exam Tutor only works with the most experienced GCSE tutors to help ensure you get the grade you need when taking your final GCSE exam.


Flexible Tuition Service

There are different options for 1-2-1 tuition and group lessons. Regardless of whichever option you select, you will receive high quality tutoring aimed at exam success.


Exam Focus

The Exam Tutor is different to other online tuition services in that it understands that most people, especially adult learners, simply want the grade in their exam.


Affordable Prices

There are a range of pricing options to suit all budgets. You no longer have to break the bank to access expert GCSE tuition, start from as little as £20.


Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t share our opinions on The Exam Tutor’s quality, then you simply let them know after your first lesson and they will provide a 100% refund for your lesson package.

Online GCSE Tuition

Find the best GCSE maths tutor, English tuition and science support with the dedicated Exam Tutor service. We recommend this service as we know that they can deliver the support our learners need and they specialise supporting learners of all ages and abilities to prepare for their exam. Whether you are undertaking a GCSE resit, or you are sitting your GCSE exam for the first time as a home-schooled student, this service can help you find the right tutor.

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GCSE Science

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Does The Exam Tutor’s services sound like something you’d be interested in? If yes, follow the link to get in touch with an exam tuition expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about The Exam Tutor

The tuition focuses on the exam only. Often GCSE tutors deliver a course of tuition to help broaden skills, some of which are essential for the exam, some of which aren’t. The Exam Tutor tutors you for the exam and the entire focus is on how to improve performance in your final GCSE exam.

There are different options for the lessons including 1-2-1 and small group sessions that offer an opportunity for collaboration and interaction. A tuition expert will speak to you or a parent to understand the needs of the student before placing you with an appropriate tutor.

You can contact the service on [email protected]  to request a discount if you are an existing Pass My GCSE learner. We will verify this and get them to offer the largest discount available at the time.

They specialise in exam tuition for specific tests. Currently in terms of GCSE, you can access the following tutors:

This varies a lot from student to student and is dependent on your current level, target grade and how much individual work you are doing. We do however see students benefiting from the very first lesson with some students improving an entire grade within as few as 5 lessons.

Currently we believe there is only online GCSE tuition available, but do contact them as we have seen students supported in person in the past, so it may be they have someone in your area who can help.