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Our services are available for those seeking to resit their GCSEs in Slough, or those seeking an online course to assist with revision for their English and maths GCSE resits. We will take care of booking the exams, and we can sign you up for one of our thorough online GCSE courses, enabling you to return to education with confidence.

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Introduction to GCSE resits in Slough

You will not be eligible to attend university if you don’t receive a 4 or C in maths and English at the GCSE level. Resit exams for English and maths GCSE are usually offered in May and November of each year, although exams for other subjects, including science, are only offered in summer. It is appropriate for anybody older than 16 who wants to continue their studies to retake GCSE maths or retake GCSE English.

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GCSE Exam Bookings

With Pass My GCSE, you may schedule and retake GCSE maths at any of the testing centres in Slough and surrounding regions. There is a full list below that you can browse. You may schedule the exam if you feel suitably prepared, however we highly advocate completing a course before retaking the maths GCSE. A 4 or C in GCSE maths is required if you wish to increase your work possibilities or apply for a degree programme.
You must likewise pass your English GCSE resit in order to continue your studies in higher education or access more employment opportunities. Your GCSE English resit can be scheduled any time with the help of our dedicated team. People who are pursuing STEM-related careers commonly retake science GCSE in order to obtain a passing grade as GCSE sciences would be a crucial entry requirement, but do not worry if you are seeking jobs in other fields as this will not be necessary for those.

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Online GCSE Courses

There are several colleges in the Slough region that offer GCSE English and GCSE maths courses that you may enrol onto if you want a more conventional learning environment in a classroom with a tutor, and with fixed time and place each week. As an alternative, a lot of people opt for taking an online GCSE course in order to study for their GCSE resits. With an online GCSE course, you may study whenever and wherever you choose without being restricted by set class times and fixed places. This could be your home, the library, or a nearby cafĂ© – whatever works best around a packed schedule.

We here at Pass My GCSE are dedicated to helping students in Slough choose the GCSE course that is ideal for them, be it online or in-person at a college nearby. In either case, finishing a GCSE course will always mean you are putting your best foot forward to get the necessary passing grade when you retake GCSE maths and English, and will increase the chance of you achieving that grade.

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