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PFS Team August 9, 2023


Online GCSE equivalent exams are possible for maths and English, but full GCSE qualifications must be sat in person at an exam centre. We help many adult learners who never obtained an English and maths GCSE, to get them the qualification that they need to be able to go to University, and better their employment opportunities. Please submit the GCSE online form below and out team will assess if sitting a GCSE is suitable for you.


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Fill in the online English GCSE exam, maths exam and other subjects form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your options.


GCSE Exams

Here at Pass My GCSE we help you book in for exams, both in the Summer and November series. We have a variety of subjects on offer from maths and English to history and religious studies.

For the May exam series, anyone can sit any of the GCSE exams for the first time. This is also the only time that you can sit subjects other than maths and English as they are the only exams run in November. The November series is for resit GCSE exams, this means that you need to have sat before to sit your exam then.

While you cannot sit a GCSE maths exam online or any other GCSE, we will help find the most convenient exam centre possible for you. Once you have booked, we will sort everything for you. From organising an exam centre for you to sit your exam at to registering you to sit the exam. This means all you need to do is turn up on the day! Follow the links below to find out more about the GCSE exams we offer.

Maths GCSE

English GCSE

Science GCSE

GCSE Alternatives

A really great alternative to GCSEs are level 2 functional skills qualifications. This qualification is the equivalent of a grade 4/C at GCSE and is widely accepted by universities and employers as such. You can sit a level 2 functional skills in maths or English.

Functional skills exams are sat online from the comfort of your own home, throughout the year. This makes them ideal if you need to get your GCSE equivalent fast. Because you cannot sit a GCSE maths exam online or online English GCSE exams, they are less accessible than functional skills as they require you to travel to an exam centre. Another reason a level 2 functional skills might be right for you is because, unlike GCSEs they can be sat throughout the year. All in all, this means you can be passed in a matter of weeks. Also if you need to resit then you don’t have to wait months to do so.

If you are looking for adult GCSE exams, then a GCSE equivalent might be a preferred route, as you are not restricted to only sitting the exam at certain times of the year, like you are with traditional GCSEs.

If you are interested in a functional skills exam then take a look at the courses and exams offered by Pass Functional Skills. They offer market-leading courses, as well as Ofqual regulated exams. To help you get the qualification you need to take your next steps.

Functional Skills Level 2

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