Functional Skills Courses

Functional Skills Courses

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PFS Team June 11, 2024


In today’s competitive job market, possessing a strong foundation in English and maths is paramount. Whether you’re pursuing an apprenticeship, applying to university, or job hunting, having functional skills qualifications can help you reach your goals. Here at Pass My GCSE, we recommend the courses provided by Pass Functional Skills. They offer everything you need to excel in your exams. Read on to learn more about these courses.

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What are functional skills?

Functional skills are essential abilities, primarily in English and maths, that employers and educational institutions deem crucial. These skills encompass problem-solving, communication and critical thinking. Earning a functional skills qualification demonstrates your competence in these essential skills, which are vital in both education and the workplace.

Benefits of Online Functional Skills Courses

Online functional skills courses make obtaining these qualifications accessible to everyone, offering flexibility for busy individuals. Pass Functional Skills’ online courses are perfect for those with packed schedules, because it allows learners to progress at their own pace. You can easily track your progress as you move through the course and identify areas that need improvement.

Courses from Pass Functional Skills

Pass Functional Skills provides comprehensive courses in both maths and English, giving you the qualifications required for your next steps. Their courses include revision materials and hundreds of practice questions, as well as mock exams. Before starting, it’s helpful to take the diagnostics tests: the initial assessment and the subject knowledge assessment. These tests then guide you in choosing the appropriate course and highlighting topics that can be worked on.

The courses are divided into topics aligned with the government specification, featuring video tutorials, practice questions, and topic tests to reinforce understanding.

Functional Skills Equivalents

When applying for jobs, apprenticeships or university courses, you may find that maths and English GCSEs, or their equivalents, are required. While you can take GCSE exams, earning functional skills qualification is a more efficient option. A level 2 functional skills certificate is equivalent to a grade C/4 at GCSE. Pass Functional Skills offers online exams throughout the year, providing a convenient alternative to traditional in-person GCSEs.


Functional skills courses offer a versatile route for anyone seeking further eduction or new employment opportunities. These recognised qualifications can unlock doors to new possibilities. The courses from Pass Functional Skills will equip you with the tools you need to excel in your exams and confidently take the next step.

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