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Passing GCSE maths and English is essential for University entrance and job applications. All Uni's and most employers require a GCSE grade C or Level 4 in maths and English. For those looking for a career in nursing, health care, primary teaching, midwifery and some other professions, then a GCSE science qualification may also be mandatory to be able to enter these career paths. Pass My GCSE is here to make sure you achieve this.

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About Pass My GCSE

Pass My GCSE is a dedicated service for those needing to retake GCSE maths, English and science exams as well as those who need to sit these exams for the first time. Whether you have a degree from a top University or have never studied since school, having a GCSE in maths and English Language (Literature is not counted) to grade C or level 4 is essential for employment opportunities and is now mandatory to gain access into further education. If you are looking for a fast track GCSE maths or an online GCSE maths exam, we cover all the options. In most instances a GCSE equivalent qualification is an accepted alternative to a full GCSE. The major accepted GCSE equivalent qualification is functional skills which we can help learners to achieve. These are the online GCSE exams that people refer to as they can be taken at home all year round, which means they offer much more flexibility than the standard GCSE.

You can only sit a GCSE equivalent qualification online, such as the functional skills or GCSE equivalency exams (these are specifically for entry into teaching). You can not sit a traditional GCSE online, it must be sat at an exam centre.


We work with GCSE exam centres across the country. From London to Newcastle we have a GCSE exam centre in every major city and many in towns across the UK.

Each GCSE course we offer is comprehensive in its coverage of the exam specification. We have advanced course technology to make your learning more efficient with exceptional pass rates as a result. You work through our online courses with video tutorials, practice questions, exam questions and mock exams. Our expert tutors are with you every step of the way with their pre-recorded video tutorials that explain how each topic and each question type works.

Yes, our adult GCSE courses are popular with all ages because you can take them online. Our courses offer a flexible and more efficient alternative to classroom teaching. Our courses also deliver much higher pass rates than the average college course which is the most important thing.


Yes, we help many students who study both English and maths GCSE at the same time.

Yes, this is an option. We have a dedicated service specifically for functional skills, it is called Pass Functional Skills. Visit that dedicated site to find out more.

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Our team are here to help. They know everything to do with online GCSE courses and exams.

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All of the exams and qualifications we offer are Ofqual regulated so are accepted by Universities and employers everywhere.

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Contact us in the way that suits you. Or ask our team to call you back. We can discuss your circumstances and see what options you have.


Our course materials follow the UK government curriculum and exam board specifications in detail to ensure every topic area is comprehensively covered.


You can track your progress and get better practice with the most advanced online GCSE courses available anywhere.


Login and revise at a time and place that suits you. You can login and get instant access to our online GCSE courses, anywhere at anytime.

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We strive to ensure the GCSE exams we offer are the lowest cost for the service provided.

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We offer the very best online GCSE courses in maths, English and science at competitive prices.

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Our pricing is straightforward. The exam and course fees you pay cover everything from the exam, course and official certification.

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Our GCSE exam and online GCSE course help articles are updated regularly to provide all the information you need for sitting a GCSE as a private candidate and understanding everything there is to understand about GCSE resits.