Functional Skills Exam

Functional Skills Exam

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PFS Team July 8, 2024


Functional skills exams are vital qualifications designed to provide learners with practical abilities in maths and English. Recognised by further education institutions and employers, these qualifications are crucial for career and educational advancement. This blog from Pass My GCSE will explore the exams offered by Pass Functional Skills, detailing their significance and content. With exams available from Monday to Saturday, Pass Functional Skills ensures flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.

What are Functional Skills?

Functional skills encompasses essential abilities that universities and employers deem crucial, including communication, critical thinking and problem-solving. A functional skills qualification demonstrates proficiency in the fundamental skills required for both education and the workplace.

Pass Functional Skills offers at exams at three levels: Level 2, Level 1 and Entry Level 3. Level 2 is the most popular as it is equivalent to a GCSE grade 4/C. Level 1 is slightly lower (approximately a GCSE grade 2/3 or E/D), and Entry Level 3 is just below Level 1.

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The Importance of Functional Skills


Functional skills maths and English are highly valued by employers as they demonstrate essential skills needed in the work place.

Further Education

The level 2 functional skills qualifications in both maths and English can open doors to further education opportunities. Such as apprenticeships or university.

Daily Life

These skills are crucial for managing everyday tasks, including budgeting and effective reading and writing.


Exam Structure


The maths functional skills exam covers:

Using Numbers: Basic arithmetic, fractions, percentages and ratios.

Common Measure, Shapes and Space: Understanding geometry and measurements.

Handling Information and Data: Both interpreting and presenting data using charts, tables and graphs.

The exam consists of one 2-hour paper. This contains both non-calculator and calculator sections. Learners must then apply concepts to solve real life problems.



The English functional skills exams tests learners ability in:

Reading: Understanding and analysing information from various texts.

Writing: Producing coherent and clear written communications for different purposes and audiences.

Speaking, Listening and Communication (SLC): Effectively presenting information on a given topic and participating in discussion.

Both the reading and writing components are sat back-to-back in the same exam slot.  You will be required to type your answers out. The SLC is slightly different and involves group discussion with other learners.



Functional skills exams offer an accessible pathway for those seeking further education or new employment opportunities. Pass Functional Skills exams are taken online from the comfort of your home, supervised by an online invigilator. Click the link below to learn more about what a functional skills exam entails. Whether you are a student or an adult learner, obtaining this qualification can help open you up too new opportunities.

Functional Skills Exam

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