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PFS Team January 29, 2024


Online learning platforms are leading the way for new types of revision. They allow you to track your progress and highlight your weaker areas so you are able to focus your revision where you need it most. Here at Pass My GCSE, we recommend you take a look at MME Premium. At the end of this article you will find an MME Premium discount code for money off. They have courses for maths, science and English across a range of exam boards. Consistently doing work on the courses is a really good way to keep up with your revision.

MME Premium

Online Courses

The MME online courses offer comprehensive coverage of the GCSE specification. They are designed to cover all the topics you need to know for your exam. Each course is split up into different topics within a topic area, you will find a revision section, practice questions and topic tests associated with each topic. Working through the different tasks of each topic should help to build your understanding.

GCSE Maths

Within the MME Premium platform you will find a number of maths courses available for you to enrol on. They have courses for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and iGCSE with a range of tiers for each. In addition, the AQA, OCR and Edexcel maths courses there are a selection of online mock exams that you can have a go at. These mock exams are marked for you at the end and have the option to be sat under timed conditions. Ultimately helping you in your exam preparation.

GCSE Science

On MME Premium there are few different GCSE science courses available for you to enrol on. Including AQA combined science, physics, chemistry and biology at higher and foundation tiers. Each course goes through all the content you need to know and tests you on it to make sure you have understood it all.

GCSE English

Finally, you will find the AQA English language course on the MME Premium platform. This course helps you understand techniques that you will need to identify in your exam. Additionally, it goes through each question (on both exams) showing you what to expect and the kind of responses you will need to give.

MME Premium Discount Code

You can sign up to MME Premium for free, this will give you access to a few topics on each course. This will allow you to see if MME Premium is right for you. Subsequently, to unlock all the topics you can set up your monthly subscription, which allows you access to as many of the courses as you would like. Pass My GCSE would like to offer you 5% off your first month using the discount code 5MMEPREMIUM.

Coupon code: 5MMEPREMIUM


Sign Up to MME Premium HERE.

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