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PFS Team June 26, 2024


GCSE equivalency tests follow the UK GCSE curriculum and are widely accepted across the UK, similarly to traditional GCSEs. Unlike GCSE exams, which run only twice a year, equivalency tests are available year-round. These tests are ideal for those needing a passing grade in Maths, English, Science, or Biology to pursue their educational or career goals.

Taking equivalency tests is an excellent way to enhance your future prospects. Passing grades in subjects such as Maths and English, especially, are often essential for entry into further education and employment. For instance, most sixth-form colleges in the UK require at least a grade 4 in Maths and English. Since equivalency tests are available throughout the year, they provide a convenient option to meet these minimum requirements rather than waiting for GCSEs to run.

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Benefits of GCSE equivalency tests


Convenient Dates

Unlike GCSE exams, held twice a year, equivalency tests can be taken six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, throughout the entire year. This makes them more convenient than standard GCSEs, for which you typically have to wait for the next available dates, usually in May/June or November. This increased flexibility is especially beneficial for learners juggling other commitments, such as work or childcare.


Online Exams

GCSE equivalency tests can be taken entirely online. This allows students to complete the exam from anywhere that suits them best, including their own home. All online equivalency examinations are supervised by a trained remote invigilator.


Nationally Recognised

Equivalency tests are widely recognised across the UK as valid substitutes for GCSEs, accepted by most employers, universities, and training providers. This national recognition enables students who pass their equivalency tests to advance in their careers or education just as those who pass traditional GCSEs do.



Why Book your GCSE equivalency tests with MME Exams?

MME Exams partners with A Star Equivalency to offer equivalency tests to our learners. Passing these tests can help you gain entry to sixth form or secure a job after school. If you wish to return to education but need GCSE or equivalent qualifications, MME Exams is here to support you.

All GCSE equivalency exams booked through MME Exams are Ofqual-regulated, ensuring you receive a genuine GCSE equivalent qualification upon passing. Our friendly and professional team will arrange everything for you and support you throughout your journey. Additionally, MME Exams provides online courses to aid in your revision, designed for anyone preparing to sit an equivalency exam.

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GCSE equivalency tests

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