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PFS Team January 24, 2024


Using a variety of methods and resources is the best way to successfully revise. It is very easy to sit and read over notes then say you have done hours of revision, this is pointless unless you actually use a technique to help you retain the information. In this article Pass My GCSE will look at different ways to revise and why flashcards are a great addition to your revision.

Different Revision Resources

It is important to keep your revision varied as it keeps you engaged with the material you are learning. Some great ways to revise include:

  • Flashcards
  • Mind maps
  • Revision guides
  • Online courses
  • Practice questions
  • Past papers

When you are planning your revision, it is important to think about the best order to do it in. For example, you need to make sure you actually know the content before you revise it. The best way to start is by going through a revision guide and making a note of topics you are confident on and the ones you find harder. Then use flashcards to focus on parts you struggle with and try to consolidate what you know. Once you are happy that you know the content, then you can start to apply it with practice questions and past papers.

MME Revision Cards

The MME revision cards are applicable to all exam boards as they follow key curriculum points. You will find that they are available from both higher and foundation tier exams. A particularly great thing about these flashcards is that they highlight need-to-know content, ensuring that you are familiar with the content that is likely to appear in the exam. Another useful feature of these cards is they contain in depth diagrams to help you get to grips with the material.

One of the best things about using flashcards is you can use them where ever you are. Whether it be on the bus or while you’re brushing your teeth.

Click the button below to take a look at MME’s GCSE Maths revision cards.

GCSE Maths Flashcards

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