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PFS Team March 7, 2024


With GCSE exam season creeping up, now is the time to get started with your revision if you haven’t already. In this technology-driven era, harnessing social media for effective revision has become an innovative and resourceful strategy. This article will explore how you can use social media to enhance your GCSE revision. MME are challenging you to complete a section from any MME Premium course for 21 consecutive days. Find out more about how you can get involved at the end of this article.

How You Can Revise Using Social Media

Identify Reliable Educational Accounts

Social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok host a plethora of educational accounts dedicated to various GCSE subjects. There are content creators who provide valuable study tips, simplify complex topics and walk you through how to answer certain questions. Explore the MME Creators for excellent GCSE content to aid your exam preparation. Also, don’t forget to check out MME’s TikTok, @mmerevise, for lots of GCSE content!

Utilise Educational Platforms

Tailored to deliver the content you need, educational platforms offer video tutorials, practice questions and revision notes. These tools can complement traditional study materials, making your revision process more dynamic and engaging. Discover the comprehensive subscription offered by MME, covering various subjects across different exam boards. To learn more about MME Premium, click the link below.

MME Premium

Follow Relevant Accounts

Following exam boards and educational institutions on social media, especially Twitter, can be immensely beneficial. This ensures you stay updated on important information, exam tips and additional resources to support your studies.

Stay Motivated with a Study Challenge

Engaging in a study challenge on social media can help sustain motivation, especially when there is a prize. MME are running the MME Revision Challenge from now until the start of GCSE exams. This is to help you kickstart your revision.

MME’s Revision Challenge


MME Revision Challenge

MME are challenging you to complete a section of any MME Premium course every day for 21 days straight! If you are successful and post proof on social media, making sure to tag @mmerevise, you will win a pack of GCSE predicted papers. You must be signed up to MME Premium to enter, you can find out more information on the platform and how to sign up using the links below.

More information about MME Premium

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