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PFS Team July 30, 2023


Adult GCSE courses are educational programs designed for adults who want to obtain a GCSE. We help many adults to gain the GCSE qualifications. Whether they didn’t have the opportunity to complete GCSEs during their school years or didn’t obtain the grades they needed. If you are looking to undertake an adult GCSE course in maths, English or a science, then contact our team today by submitting the form below.


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Adult GCSE Exams

By obtaining GCSE qualifications as an adult, individuals can enhance their career prospects, pursue higher education, or simply fulfil personal goals. At Pass My GCSE, we are here to support adult learners and those undertaking GCSE resits. No matter why you need the qualification. 

Every University course and professional employment route now requires a minimum of a GCSE level 4 (grade C) in both maths and English language. There is also sometimes a specific requirement for GCSE science when moving into careers such as nursing and teaching. Whatever your career ambitions are we can help advise you what you need and what the best options are.



Adult GCSE courses cover a range of subjects, including English Language, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), History, Geography, Languages, and more. The curriculum and examinations for adult GCSE courses are similar to those for younger students, but they may be adjusted to accommodate adult learners’ needs and schedules. Our online courses are designed to be flexible and accessible. Making them ideal for those who may be working or have other responsibilities.

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