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PFS Team October 4, 2023


Instead of using the BKSB assessment practice test free version, why not try the 100% free diagnostic assessments provided by Pass Functional Skills. We recommend these highly, since they gauge a student’s ability of maths or English much more accurately than the BKSB assessment practice tests, using bespoke, highly detailed software.

Pass Functional Skills offer 2 different, but both highly regarded, diagnostic assessments for functional skills students.

  1. The first is an Initial Assessment. This assessment it used to calculate a student’s level, based on a complex algorithm, which corresponds to a recommended course the student should be enrolled on.
  2. The second is a Subject Knowledge Assessment. This assessment is designed to test the student’s comprehension of maths and English at functional skills level, across all topics in that specific course. Once the student completes this diagnostic assessment, the student is recommenced topics for them to focus on when revising.

Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment


To find out more information about the diagnostic assessments offered by Pass Functional Skills, take a look at the blog posts linked below:

English Diagnostic Tests

Maths Diagnostic Tests


Functional Skills Course

For functional skills courses, we recommend the online Functional Skills courses offered by Pass Functional Skills. These go hand in hand with the Initial Assessment and Subject Knowledge Assessment they offer. The level you achieve in the Initial Assessment diagnostic starts your level off on the course, which then changed over time as you progress through the course, depending on your scores.

The courses are packed with features, including:

  • Revision videos for all topics on the curriculum
  • 100s of practice questions
  • Exam style questions for each topic
  • Auto-marked mock exams
  • Written or video solutions for all questions
  • Scores stored and progress tracked as your progress

Functional Skills Maths Course

Functional Skills English Course

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